re.riddle is pleased to announce the gallery's participation in the inaugural edition of   If So, What?   at  The Palace of Fine Arts , from  April 26-29, 2018 .  If So, What? is a new immersive event celebrating art, technology, sound and innovation.  At  Booth 305 , the gallery will feature select works by artists  Pegan Brooke ,  Hongtao Zhou  and  Mark Baugh-Sasaki , which examine the interrelationship between the application and implication of technology within our society. Visitors are also invited to experience  Pegan Brooke’s  Untitled  , an interactive, multimedia art installation that explores the poetics of stillness, motion and sound.    Please click here for  tickets .      Image: Pegan Brooke,  Untitled , Multimedia Installation, Video Loop, Thread, 2017
UNTITLED, SF Art Fair 2018
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